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Just focus on the first part of that second sentence please!

I hate this photo for so many reasons.


"It’s having class & your own style."

1. These niggas all dressed alike. I don’t wanna hear anything about having ‘Your Own Style’ when Nigga 1 & 2 dressed like Nigga 3 & 4.

2. Class.? By whose standards.? What the fuck is ‘Class.’? Niggas try too hard to appear to be something that they aren’t.

3. If you want to dress like that, it’s perfectly fine. But don’t put down or leave out all the other brothers because they choose not too. The easier you separate yourself from yourself, the easier it is for you to misunderstand and hate yourself.

4. Stop comparing ourselves to these white folks. Fuck them. Do your OWN thing.

It just drives me because I know the fuck nigga that created the meme only did it for ‘likes’, ‘retweets’ and ‘reblogs’.
Niggas wanna separate themselves from their other brothers and place themselves on a high pedestal instead of accepting each other’s differences.

I’d go in but I’m cleaning up right now.

I was gonna go in like tight pants and flooding is the new wave?  But she killed it with that commentary.  Cleaning up indeed. 

reblog for the comments. Too real.

My immediate thoughts upon reading the first part of the first sentence “not all of us” smh

Yeah I hate posts like this and ignorant black people eat this shit up!

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